Immature black Crowned Night Heron in the Skokie Lagoons in Illinois

Night Heron in algae water.

Have you seen the tragic news stories about the dogs who have died this week after swimming in toxic fresh water?  I am so sad about it because it’s a preventable death if the owner would have known the dangers that live in our fresh water lakes during summer months (but mostly August and September).

I am writing this post simply to help get the word out about the importance of keeping your dog(s) away from our lakes during this time.  Instead, take them swimming in a pool that is properly maintained or play with them in your yard with the garden hose.  Please do not take the chance and think that the water looks safe so it’s ok.

If you want more detailed information, check out this article or Google, ‘blue green algae danger with dogs’.

Play Safe!


american staffordshire terrier and chihuahua in front of white background

Two dogs ready to play safe in a pool.