Our groomers offer a de-shed program which many clients have found to be very helpful with keeping the hair tumbleweeds under control. The program consists of three grooming appointments scheduled two weeks apart.

All three appointments are scheduled and paid for up front. When you schedule the appointments, you receive a 15% discount on the total for all three. The process the girls go through really is effective in keeping the shedding under control.

Many people imagine that their dog is more comfortable and will shed less if they shave the dog’s hair. This is a fallacy. The hair of the dog is intended to be an insulator both in the winter and the summer. In the summer, think of it a little bit like sunscreen. When the dog does not have all of their hair, the sun beats down on the dog directly and their natural defense against the damaging sun is minimized. As the person or family living with a shedding dog, I understand that the hair tumbleweeds can become almost too much. My best recommendation to you is to consider a more regular grooming at the very least even for the labs. They shed too. If you have questions about the de-shed program or would like to make your dog’s reservations, please give the office a call and we will set it all up for you.

Additionally once you shave a dog, you have changed the actual structure of the hair and it does not grow back in the same texture. Often you can tell a dog that has been shaved over and over because the hair will be quite fuzzy. So to help maintain the integrity of the actual hair and to keep shedding under control, you may want to give some consideration to the de-shedding program.